Sick & The City

Episode 15: The Tea on Toxins

November 1, 2021

Take a ride on the toxic side with Amanda and Mel in this week’s episode of Sick & The City! In Episode 15, Amanda and Mel talk toxins in the world that surrounds us. From beauty products to laundry detergent, the two address how to spot toxins in your products, the importance of clean products, and their favorite products and brands. There's tea spilled, information shared, and as always, the episode closes out with laughs and Hot Goss! You won’t want to miss this episode!


  • Mel Feeling off & Applied Kinesiology (1:00)
  • Amanda’s New News (11:45)

Topic: Toxins in your environment - (16:38)

  • Mel’s Experience with Toxins & Chemical Sensitivity (18:00)
  • Clean Beauty & Beauty Counter (22:43)
  • How to Spot Toxins in your Products (25:22)
  • Endocrine Disruptors & Xenoestrogens (29:16)
  • Weight Gain & Toxins (34:50)
  • Non-Toxic Products & Brands we Love (38:17)

Hot Goss (49:03)

  • The Bachlorette (49:07)
  • YOU Season 3 (51:24)
  • Maid (52:41)


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