Sick & The City

Episode 11: Down With Diet Culture & Up With Body Positivity

June 28, 2021

In this fast-paced, fun-filled episode Amanda and Mel dive head-first into the long awaited topic of diet culture and body positivity. The two open up about their personal struggles with dieting and growing up in a time when thin was in. They share tips on how to remain healthy, at whatever size or way healthy looks for YOU. The episode closes out with a Hot Goss segment fresh off the presses and touching on all things the duo love in TV right now. If you enjoy the ride remember to like, comment, and subscribe!


  • Amanda’s Bridal Shower (2:08)
  • Changing and Post-Pandemic Newness (7:02)
  • Dealing with Dietary Restrictions while Socializing (10:00)
  • Mel’s Metro-North Train Mishap (11:24)

Topics: Diet Culture & Body Positivity

  • Diving into Diet Culture – What is a Beach Body? (19:21)
  • The Ghosts of Diets Past (23:21)
  • Body Image & Specific Dietary Patterns (38:58)
  • Normalize Normal Bodies (44:00)
  • Size Inclusivity (52:41)
  • Stop Commenting on People’s Bodies, Just Don’t (54:10)

Hot Goss: (1:02:11)

  • Starstruck (1:03:19)
  • Cruel Summer Finale (1:07:44)
  • Amanda Loves RuPaul (1:11:07)

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