Sick & The City

Episode 13: Over the Hangover, From Cocktail to Mocktails

August 16, 2021

In this week’s episode, Amanda & Mel come back on the pod after a few week hiatus to chat about their individual journeys giving up alcohol and how it has changed their lives for the better! They cover the awkward phase of giving up drinking (what do I do with my hands?), tips and tricks for being in social situations and the important question of why behind making the choice to quit. The episode closes out with a long awaited Hot Goss that covers Panic, Outer Banks and the surprising finale of this season’s Bachelorette! Grab a mocktail and strap yourself in for an episode of laughs, girl talk and all the chronic illness tea that you need right now.


  • Where we’ve been & what’s going on (0:30)
  • Amanda bachelorette party (2:30)

Topic: Alcohol Woes

  • How did we get here? (14:00)
  • Why did we decide to give up drinking? (17:00)
  • Dealing with being sober in social situations (20:00)
  • Tips & tricks to navigate staying sober (25:18)

HOT GOSS (44:00)

  • Panic is CANCELLED! (45:00)
  • Outer Banks (47:00)
  • The Kissing Booth 3 (SPOILERS ahead!) (50:10)
  • Never Have I Ever (55:10)
  • After We Collided Update (55:45)
  • Fboy Island (56:30)
  • Bachelorette Finale (57:00)

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