Sick & The City

Episode 14: Happy Hormones, Happy Life (and Now Amanda’s a Wife!)

October 18, 2021

Amanda and Mel are BACK with a bang! In this super-fun easy listening episode, the duo catch up, spill tea, and recap all the happenings during their September hiatus. So much has happened between weddings, courses, cookbooks and concerts, and this episode fills you in on it all. Closing out with a jam-packed HOT GOSS segment covering new shows, old shows and an impromptu visit to a movie theater. You won’t want to miss hanging out with Amanda and Mel in this episode!

Intro: Life Updates & Where We Have Been

  • Amanda’s Cookbook 4:00
  • Mel’s Course Update 6:00
  • Amanda’s Course 9:00

Topic: Happy Hormones, Happy Life (Amanda got married!)

  • Hormones, Thyroid & Labwork 10:00
  • Back to the world at the Jonas Brothers Concert 18:00
  • Amanda’s Wedding Weekend 20:00
  • Honeymooning 49:00

Hot Goss (54:00)

  • Vampire Diaries Re-Watch 54:23
  • Riverdale Updates & Finale 56:00
  • Good Trouble 58:49
  • Squid Game 1:02:00
  • Ted Lasso 1:03:00
  • The New James Bond Movie 1:05:00
  • Sex Education NEW season! 1:08:00
  • Bachelor in Paradise Finale 1:10:00

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