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Episode 5: Managing Chronic Illness & a Full-Time Job

Episode 5: Managing Chronic Illness & a Full-Time Job

March 22, 2021

In this weeks episode, we are discussing the judgement and fear that comes along with having a chronic illness and a full-time job. We have both had our own experiences in an office environment while dealing with debilitating symptoms like fatigue, nausea, or brain fog. Throughout the years, we have learned how to manage the stress of a job and heal at the same time. Meal prep, arthritis tools, energy healing, and how to get by unnoticed at a happy hour are just a few of the topics we dive into. And a surprise singing performance from Mel as Amanda's prize for winning our Bachelor bet! You don't want to miss this one!


  • Spring has sprung!! What to expect in Kapha season (2:53)
  • What Mel's iris says about her health (4:48)
  • Planning Mel's 30th B-day (9:44)
  • Congrats to Amanda who quit her job and won our Bachelor bet (14:09)

Managing Chronic Illness and your Full-Time Job:

  • Judgement and fear when we were first dealing with symptoms at our jobs. How did our symptoms affect our work? (15:50)
  • How your coworkers negative energy affects you (23:00)
  • Tools to guard your energy (26:14)
  • Flexibility and honesty at your job (29:18)
  • Prepping food for work (35:36)
  • Socialization at work: eating out & happy hour (39:29)
  • How to manage stress and use your time wisely to heal even with a job (42:31)
  • Tools and resources we use to help keep our symptoms at bay (45:45)

Hot Goss:

  • Mel sings because she lost our Bachelor bet (56:28)
  • The Bachelor finale (59:52)
  • What we’re rewatching (1:11:04)
  • Cherry & Coming 2 America reviews (1:13:40)
Episode 4: Everybody Poops, A Love Letter to Coffee Enemas

Episode 4: Everybody Poops, A Love Letter to Coffee Enemas

March 8, 2021

In a light-hearted fourth episode, Amanda & Mel talk about all things coffee enemas and poop. With a side of humor and hot goss, the duo spends time covering all the dirty details, benefits, and dos & don’ts of doing coffee enemas for health. Strap yourself in for a hilarious episode filled with laughs, learning, and favorite pandemic TV shows!



  • Amanda’s vegan peanut butter pie (1:30)
  • Mel’s Chiropractic/Muscle Testing experience (4:00)
  • Amanda’s big job news (5:16)
  • Where to find A & M’s blogs & businesses (7:45) @everybodybymel @grabaspoonwellness
  • A year of quarantine (8:30)

Coffee Enemas & All Things Poop

  • Amanda & Mel profess their love for coffee enemas (16:48)
  • Coffee enema benefits & recommendations (22:02)
  • How to do coffee enemas step by step (31:10)
  • Ileocecal valve- what is it & why its important (44:07)
  • Embarrassing poop stories (46:17)

Hot Goss  (58:51)

  • Top 5 shows from quarantine (59:08)
  • Ginny & Georgia vs. Taylor Swift (1:11:56)
  • Bridgerton: The Musical (1:16:49)

Disclaimer: Please seek medical attention from a doctor if concerned about your health. We are sharing our experience about what has helped us, but are not doctors and can't advise you on what will work for your body. Consult with your practitioner if considering our recommendations.

Episode 3: Coping with Depression & Anxiety, Interview with Therapist: Beth Renov

Episode 3: Coping with Depression & Anxiety, Interview with Therapist: Beth Renov

February 22, 2021

In this weeks episode, SATC spotlights the important topic of how to cope with anxiety and depression while living with chronic illness. Amanda & Mel share their own experiences with mental health. We also interview therapist and expert, Beth Renov, who takes us through her personal experience with chronic illness and how she helps patients use exercises to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. This rollercoaster of an episode ends on a light note with new TV addictions and steaming hot goss.


  • Winter storms in Texas (donation sites below) (1:20)
  • Stress, life changes & entrepreneur struggles (7:00)
  • Amanda's big announcement (8:00)
  • Galentine’s weekend – To All The Boys I Loved Before: Always & Forever (10:21)

Spotlight on Anxiety & Depression - Amanda & Mel’s Personal Experience (13:39)

  • Therapy experience (14:20)
  • Doctor gaslighting (17:42)
  • Loss of identity with chronic illness and pain (19:41)
  • Guilt and the feeling of being a burden (23:30)
  • Relationships with significant others, friends & family (25:00)
  • Breaking Points (26:25)
  • Not giving up & turning points (28:56)
  • Building a community & how to cope (33:28)
  • Listener questions (nutrition connection to mental health, reducing inflammation, feeling emotions) (36:46)

Interview with Beth Renov, LCSW (46:26)

  • Beth’s Background & Experience (47:27)
  • Autoimmune & Chronic Illness (55:24)
  • Fight or Flight, Body/Mind Connection (58:07)
  • Trauma Loop Escape, Safe Space Exercise (59:38)
  • Container Exercise for Carrying Emotions (1:06:48)
  • Where to find Beth (1:11:20)
  • Instagram: @bethrenovlcsw Website: Psychology Today

Hot Goss (1:13:20)

  • Amanda’s Love Island UK Addiction (1:13:40)
  • Firefly Lane (1:18:05)
  • Framing Britney (1:21:09)
  • Riverdale Time Jump (1:24:00)
  • Mel’s Recs: Ted Lasso, Love and Monsters (1:31:47)

If you'd like to donate money to help with the winter storm aftermath in Texas, you can contribute to mutual aid groups on Venmo: @feedthepeopledallas @dfwmutualaid @mutualaidhou @pmgmutualaid @trinitymutualaid @austinmutualaidhotels @austinmutualaid @ntrr4yall

Episode 2: Interview with cohost Melanie Shafranek

Episode 2: Interview with cohost Melanie Shafranek

February 8, 2021

In this week’s episode we get to hear from our cohost, Melanie, as she tells the story about how she decided to move to NYC, her recovery after 6 years of chronic illness, and her journey creating her own program for those struggling with symptoms. By creating her Nutritional Therapy practice, Everybody By Mel, she’s been able to help others dealing with the same health issues as they discover what it takes to heal. From skull fractures, to our recap of the bachelor, this is sure to be a wild episode.



  • First episode reviews and reactions (0:45)
  • Chronic illness and the snow (6:50)
  • Ayurveda doshas (7:30)
  • Amanda’s new camera adventures (17:45)

Interview with Melanie Shafranek:

  • Why Mel decided to move to NYC (19:08)
  • When did chronic symptoms begin? (27:50)
  • The big bang skull fracture (30:30)
  • Gallbladder flushes & complications (43:30)
  • Going back to school for FNTP certification (53:33)
  • Mold Toxicity (57:23)
  • DNRS (1:03:19)
  • Mel’s course: The Everybody Program (1:10:29)


  • The Bachelor mid-season thoughts and predictions (1:18:24)
  • Fate: The Winx Saga review (1:25:30)
  • Palmer with Justin Timberlake (1:28:19)
  • Riverdale time jump thoughts (1:29:47)

Melanie’s new course: The Everybody Program starts on March 1st. Use code “PODCAST” until February 15th for 50% OFF! A 3 month course with one on one support worth $1,500 for only $750! This deal isn’t going to last long!


Episode 1: Welcome to Sick & The City, Interview with Cohost Amanda Tiberi

Episode 1: Welcome to Sick & The City, Interview with Cohost Amanda Tiberi

January 24, 2021

Get to know our journeys through chronic illness, meeting each other, living in New York City, and falling in love with Riverdale.

In our first two episodes we are interviewing each other, and first up is Amanda: a local New Yorker who has dealt with chronic illness for over 7 years currently running Grab A Spoon Wellness and Olive + Grayce Apothecary as she gets her Masters in Clinical Nutrition. 


  • Fluctuating body weight as we get older (5:58)
  • Our experience with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers creating toxicity around calorie counting
  • How to eat a balanced diet (10:08)

Interview with Amanda Tiberi: (19:23)

  • How we met (20:43)
  • Where Amanda lives now, her COVID wedding, and her time living in NYC (28:48)
  • Amanda's certifications and schooling: (40:43)
  • Creating community with Grab A Spoon Wellness (51:10)

HOT GOSS: (57:56)

  • Riverdale obsession (58:30)
  • Cobra Kai (1:02:33)
  • Teenage Bounty Hunters and The Society both being cancelled (1:03:32)
  • Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Basset, Sabrina Carpenter drama (1:08:02)
  • Bridgerton Season 2 (1:14:16)
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